Isnin, 5 Mei 2014

hello may!

salam readers,

hope that everyone is under His Love and rahmat...
i couldnt hold back my stress today... and i do feel better after some tears.. yup. just a lil bit of it. alhamdulillah. Thanks Allah for giving me tears. It does make me in some ease. 
A colleague of mine remind me of the power of Astagfirullah. 
She told me a story of Rasulullah time where in every difficulties, get back to Astagfirullah. that's all. 
I guessed that what I should do, right? 

Anyway, hey peeps! its MAY! and its my birthday month! yeay! =) 

thought of giving away and surprising my viewers as my viewers are going to be 2k! 
I repeat, 2 thousands viewers! Yippie! 

So, anyone with ideas and suggestions for me to some gifts to my viewers, please please please drop a message or comment. You may as well email me at 
I really need help in this and I honestly from the bottom of my heart want to have a gift away to my page viewers for keeping clicking to my page. Thank you

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