Jumaat, 14 Mac 2014

ihsan umar turns 2!

alhamdulillah anakanda dah 2 tahun.. 
actually his birthday was on 13 march.. 

alhamdulillah.. i felt so relieve.. that i finally managed to breastfeed him till he turns 2! there was definetely ups and down in the journey.. believe me and i am no kidding at all that it was tough.. i stumbled, i swam, nahhhh i just couldnt describe the feelings and experience.. 

there was so many obstacles..
some said that baby wont like to bf once they're attached to bottle. but we proved them wrong. cos he always prefer bf..

there were numerous rumors and sayings.. 

but i always said in my heart that Allah knows what i'm doing and i was just doing what He wants in creating a better muslim.. amin

fyi, i'm also a follower and practioner of homemade solid food for your baby #hsffyb hihi.. never had a thought of it before i had #ihsanumar.. well said and done, he does change me a lot.. 

i woke up at 4.30 am or 5-5.30 am to prepare his food..cos i dont want him to eat salty or sweet food.and no process or instant food for him. 
yet, i would never condemn any parents who feed food that they think are right for their babies.. to me, its an opinion and option..u may choose the one u think most suitable for yours.. 

plus, no doubt that no parents want bad things for their kids as giving birth or delivering khalifah to this world indeed not a child's play... 

i hope and pray for the best for everyone who read this blog..may Allah bless us all and lead us to a better way. i hope we'll be a winner both in duniawi and ukhrawi.. amin.. 

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take care
health is wealth ❤️

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