Ahad, 5 Januari 2014

2014 resolution - challenge your limit instead of limiting your challenge

as salam...
alhamdulillah. today is 5th January 2014. menginjak ke tahun yang baru.

duk baca status kawan-kawan kt facebook and some were talking about their new year resolution. No matter what are our aims, the point is we definitely want our life to better and achieve what we had been dreaming for 2013.

For me? finishing breastfeeding son for another 3 months is a must! huhu
Anyway, I wish to be a better person. and I want to do more.

I really like what I saw and read at SMK Clifford Kuala Kangsar,

                                Don't limit your challenge
                                  but Challenge your limit

I might whine, reluctant, cry, tired, exhausted;
I would not stop. because I am different.
Let's challenge ourselves and gain more Allah's love for He would love us more and gives us more.
Well, manusia pun perlu diampu, apatah lagi Allah.. ampu untuk kebaikan plak tu. in sya Allah.

Semoga Allah menjadikan kita insan yang lebih baik dan muslim yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain. Amin.
Take care.

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