Jumaat, 15 November 2013

school holidays! 😍❤

As salam.. hari jumaat yg mulia ni bermula la school holidays end year 2013..  yeay! 
First week holidays ni I duk kt umah 'housemate' I nye parents kt Perak.. dan hari ni.. we're going to Jay Bee ! 😍 

I am SUPER excited. Havent been in JB for about FOUR years! Missed jb so much.. place I met my housemate, my gorgeous dearest friends, had my sad and happy times, learnt and learnt and learnt about LIFE itself. I stumble and I crawled.. 

Now, things to be brought for the trip; 
chicken soups for #ihsanumar 
collagen powder and vitamin c.. ~to keep gorgeous for the whole trip.. 😍and to prevent flu
ostematrix and b complex.     ~ need to maintain calcium as I didnt bring any FM (formula milk) for #ihsanumar.. so he'll be drinking directly.. bcomp to prevent constipation..yelah.I 'm going to eat everything I wish in Jay Bee πŸ˜‹ nyum nyum
Well, nak bercuti pn still have to take care of our body kn? Body kite pn amanah Allah kn? 
Health is Wealth! 

That's all for this entry.. kalo nk dpt ngn harga MURAH produk shaklee, pm/whatsapp/wechat at 013-3982545  
I nak bagi harga adik-beradik jer πŸ‘

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