Rabu, 13 November 2013

Pengedar Shaklee di Bandar Baharu dan Parit Buntar

Dear Readers,

I have forgotten as my blog tittle.. I am Shaklee Independent Distributor who live in Bandar Baharu Kedah.. A place that I hardly had a thought to live in.. haha.. It was a long story.. 

Well, Bandar Baharu is indeed at borders of Penang and Perak... Jalan sikit je jumpe Penang; Nibong Tebal and Jawi.. Jalan-jalan lagi jumpe Parit Buntar Perak plak... 

If you need any help or questions about shaklee, feel free to whatsapp/wechat me at 013-3982545 ok?

If you think being healthy is cheap,
Try being Sick! huhu

take care readers... 
Love much

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