Isnin, 25 November 2013

kenapa kena makan supplement?

Morning Sunshines!

^_^ Have you take your breakfast? Let's start our day with breakfast and a big SMILE so that our day would be better than yesterday! huhu

I still remember my conversation with hub on taking supplement.. and he said that he doesnt think that most of us like to take supplement. We might take it for few days, few months perhaps.. but to istiqamah in taking supplement each days, seemed so hard especially in our society..Humm... He got the point.
Don't you think so? It is fussy to take all the pills when you are not even sick! Depending on vitamins; aren't the same as being dependable on medicines?

Indeed. This is my opinion;

We take medicine when we are sick
However; we take supplements as a prevention from getting serious health problems. It is DIFFERENT.
Islam encourage us to work, learn and do anything today as if we're going to live forever and take our responsibilites as Allah's servant as if we're going to die tomorrow... 
I think we should plan and have a plan of our life.
In planning our life; Don't you want to include a HEALTHY and YOUNG, ENERGETIC lifestyle even when you are at your 50s?
I always take my mum and my late grandmother as role model. I WANT to be like them. They look like they're in their 4Os and the truth is they're in their 50s!
The same thing happened to Neelofa and her mother.. I salute her mom! huhu..

Arent they pretty? :)
Their secret?
take all the natural things that have vitamins and good minerals in their daily menu and no water in between meal.
I am living in the era that have lots of research and everything is at your hand. Just google, search, read, study and choose which and what is the best thing for you to keep your health at the most.
I bet no one wants to look old and weak before time.and I chose SHAKLEE.

What say you?Well again; HEALTH is WEALTH right?
Happy Monday!

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